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With the fair collection of elite venues for wedding ceremonies, Dubai is one of the ideal places to hold a wedding ceremony. That’s why for the past few years, couples and families with a great tendency, are choosing Dubai to hold their wedding ceremony.

Hiring the photography services in abroad for such an important day is always a challenging task. People always find it confusing to hire wedding photographers in Dubai. Below in this article, I’m going to explain that how you can hire the wedding photographers in Dubai?

There are various factors to consider while choosing the photographer for your wedding. First of all, you have to decide that which kind of photography style you will follow on your wedding day. Will you follow the documentary, portrait, fine art or there would be a customize style? You should finalize the photography style as soon as possible by discussing this matter with your partner. Once you will choose a photography style then it will be much easier to hire the most appropriate photographer.

wedding photographers in Dubai

When it comes toward wedding photography, most of the photographers prefer to combine the documentary and portrait styles. Once you have pinpointed your wedding photography style, then you should scrutinize four to five photographers that are available on your wedding day. The purpose of interviewing the photographers is to figure out that which one of them has the expertise according to your requirement.

Below are the six questions that you should ask every photographer before hiring him/her for your wedding ceremony in Dubai.

Question No. 1: Which photography style will you like to recommend us for such a special day?

Most of the wedding photographers prefer to capture the even as they happen without any formal posing. While on the other hand, wedding photography is supposed to be done by following the proper posing. Photojournalistic pictures are also the hotcakes these days. Wedding photographers always prefer to combine the both of the styles.

That’s why; asking about the recommendation of a professional photographer will be beneficial. The photographer with the most realistic and coherent answer is the right person for you.

Question No. 2: Do you like to shoot colour, black & white or both?

We are living in the era of digitization. The days have been gone when wedding photographers had to carry multiple cameras for colour and black & white photography. Black and white wedding portraits have their own charm. Due to the courtesy of advanced technology; photographers can easily convert the snaps of digital cameras to black & white pictures.

People say that upon conversion, the pictures may lose their original texture. So, if you have a plan of black and white wedding portrait, then you should ask the photographers either they will shot film or digitally? The more specification, the better the results will be. In this mean, Studio77 is one of the renowned photography service providers that will facilitate you with the most professional and significant manners.

Question No. 3: Will you bring an assistant or second photographer?

Most of the senior photographers bring their assistant with them. Sometimes there are also second photographers. You should ask them that either they will shoot personally or not? You will have to make sure that you are getting the most experienced person.

Most of the time, the second shooters are the interns who are encompassing their learning stage. Of course, you can’t afford any immature outcomes. So you should have to avoid the second photographers.

Question No. 4: Will you correct your photos?

Digital photography offers the photographers with the facility to fix the photographs. In this mean, you have to ask the photographer that either he will fix the snaps within the settled package or will charge some extra amount? Some photographers don’t offer these services. So, try to find the photographers that include photo fixing in their package.

Question No. 5: Will you hand over the reprinting rights to us or we’ll have to purchase them?

Some photographers include providing the reprinting rights within their packages and some don’t. It’s always ideal to ask this question always before hiring them. Ideally, the photographer should hand over the high-resolution compact disk of your images. In this way, you can save the extra charges of purchasing the reprinting rights separately.

Question No. 6: Are you willing to have a customized photo shoot?

It has been observed that professional photographer usually avoid having an input on the photos. They always prefer to follow a predefined format. It may be possible that you will want to have a customized photo shoot with your significant other. So, it is quite sensible to ask the photographer are they willing to have such task or not?

These are the basic inquiries that should be done before hiring a photographer for your wedding. As we know that Dubai is an international hub and finding the efficient but effective photography services with such a professional competency is always a difficult task. With best wishes for your special day, I hope you can find the most appropriate wedding photographer in Dubai through above-given recommendations.

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